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August 28th
[ mood | ... ]

Hey, what do you guys think of my crazy spiderman lady liberty looking thing?

Well, that's what I think it looks like...

102 . Butterflies

August 16th
[ mood | pssh! gtfoh ]

I need a real job, where I can make more monies. This shit is lame, the mall is lame, the people are lame (most of them anyway), and I have to be there for 3 days in a row. I need some freinds, cause I don't have any anymore. I don't hang out with any anyway, cause it would be too tempting too. I can't even call my best friend, cause it feels so weird not calling her for so long. I feel like a terrible friend to have, and maybe even lame. Who knows?

102 . Butterflies

Graduation day for Jason! [Sunday
May 21st
[ mood | happy grad night! ]

It was great, I was so happy for him! I sat next to his mom and her husband theo, while his aunt and brother were sitting next to him. I love when they call that person's name that you care about comes up, cause you get all excited and yell as loud as you possibly can, but now my throat hurts. That's kool though cause after words we went out to eat at Stone Wood. That place is fancy, I guess your suppposed to dress nice when you go there. Everything was good except the vegetables, because they were too plain tasting. His family is so great to hang out with though, they all like to laugh all the time and have come backs, shit hilarious, especially his aunt and step dad together, cause they're really good at come backs. His mom isn't as good so she just laughs, but she likes it though. Well, enough of that, I'm gonna go do dishes, so I can make the dad happy. Late.


My teeth!!!!! [Monday
March 27th
[ mood | -teeth feel weird ]

My fucking teeth have been hurting for 2 days now! But not as bad as today because I had to take alka-seltzer twice today, but they still hurt, but I think it might be getting better, because right now only the tops on the right side feel funny, iono it's not like a hurting pain, it's like a numbing hurting pain. I read on the internet that for some people the numbingness feeling hurts for some and others it doesn't. I hope I get this job at Cancun Lagoon soon, haha that rhymed, gay. I guess imma go to bed. Even though I usually stay up till 3 in the morning, but g/n. sleep tight. don't let the bed bugs bight.

103 . Butterflies

Everything will be fine soon... [Thursday
March 2nd
[ mood | things are kool ]

Tomorrow I go and fill out an application for my new job at Hudson Tool & Die, with my aunt. I'm gonna be making 10 dollars an hour, my life is gonna get easy as fuck I hope, and then I can buy a car, and then a phone, and then I will be straighter than a horses dick. hahaha.

Fuck Circuit City, and I'm sure Christel agrees! We both got fired the same day.

107 . Butterflies

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